Care Home Groups

We are proud to count some of the UK's largest (and smallest) care home groups amongst our clients and over the years, we have learned that groups need a reliable, flexible & highly competitive supplier to ensure that all homes are kept up to date with the latest BNFs. By negotiating centrally, you can save both time and money - so why partner with Pharmacy Books?

Seven Good Reasons to Choose Pharmacy Books

Market-Leading Volume Discounts

We offer care home groups a generous volume discount from 5% to 32.5% discount on their BNFs. We are happy to negotiate a "National Rate" for the group which ensures individual homes benefit from the best price - rather than buying individually from multiple suppliers at less competitive rates.


Quantity Required    % Volume Discount     Net Cost Per Copy     How To Place Your Order  
2 7.5% £55.45


Order Online Now


3 - 5 10% £53.96
6 - 9 15% £50.96
10 - 20 20% £47.96


Call to Discuss

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21 - 100 25% £44.96
101 - 250 30% £41.97
251 - 500 32.5% £40.47
500+ By Negotiation

**This table is an example of the discounts we offer.

Price Match Guarantee

We are confident that our pricing structure is the most competitive in the UK but in the unlikely event that you are buying your BNF's for less, we offer all customers a Price Match Guarantee whilst maintaining the exclusive benefits of buying from Pharmacy Books. "We can't be beaten on Service - We Won't be beaten on Price"

Trade Accounts Welcome

For customers spending £1,000 or more per annum (typically 20+ books) we are happy to offer you a Trade Account. This enables you to order by PO and gives you 30-Day terms on your purchases. CLICK HERE to download our Account Application Form - It's quick to set-up and, subject to status, we can get your new account active within 2 hours.

Flexible Invoicing

We understand that each group has different invoicing requirements. We can invoice you centrally, regionally or individually for your homes and these can be sent to your head office, regional offices or the individual care homes. It's entirely up to what works best for you.

Cost-Effective Distribution

Some of our care home groups ask us to ship all of the BNFs to their head office and they then deal with distribution to individual care homes. Others prefer us to handle this and ask that we ship directly to the care homes. To enable this, all we require is a spreadsheet of delivery sites and we will sort everything out. Once again, it's totally up to you but with postage to individual care homes starting at £3.75 per site, it can save you a lot of time and energy.

Exclusive Buy-Back Scheme

Unique to Pharmacy Books, we offer a Buy Back Scheme to our care home customers. Once you have received your new BNF books, simply return your old BNF's to us and, depending on condition, we will give you a credit of up to £6 against the next edition. This could be worth an additional 10% of the next edition - and if you have more than 10 copies to collect from one site, we will even collect them from you free of charge.

Free Call Reminder

Some groups do not buy centrally and prefer their individual homes to order direct from the approved supplier. To assist with this, we offer a free call reminder to your homes a few weeks before the next edition is due to publish. They still benefit from the nationally negotiated discount rate but the purchasing & distribution is handled locally.