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Pharmaceutical Press is the publishing arm of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.
The Society has been publishing information for pharmacists since 1841, and today Pharmaceutical Press has more than 150 titles in its comprehensive range of resources. Their unique position allows them to draw on the Society's knowledge, research and influence to guide and inform the direction of their publishing programme.

Pharmaceutical Press produces the most comprehensive and trustworthy range of independent pharmaceutical information in the world. Their main publishing focus is the design, manufacture and therapeutic use of medicines, building a body of knowledge that can be relied upon by pharmacists, health and social care professionals worldwide.

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  1.  Adverse Drug Reactions
    Adverse Drug Reactions
    Now £50.69 £50.69 was £55.00 8% Off
  2. Drug Information and Literature Evaluation Second Edition
    Drug Information and Literature Evaluation Second Edition
    Now £26.98 £26.98 was £27.00
  3. Introducing Palliative Care
    Introducing Palliative Care
    Now £24.30 £24.30 was £25.00 3% Off
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