Palliative Care Formulary (PCF7)

Palliative Care Formulary (PCF7)

By: Andrew Wilcock, Paul Howard, Sarah Charlesworth

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Publication Details

Edition: 7th

Details: Paperback.

Publication date: 10/07/2020

Publisher: Pharmaceutical Press

ISBN: 9780857113689

Publication Status: Active

Publication Description

Palliative Care Formulary (PCF7)

The seventh edition of Palliative Care Formulary is an essential resource for clinicians who prescribe for patients with progressive end-stage disease. Although written primarily with cancer patients in mind, PCF7 contains specific material relating to several other life-limiting diseases e.g. COPD, congestive heart failure, renal failure, and Parkinson's disease. PCF also includes a number of Quick Clinical Guides. This comprehensive title includes independent information about drugs used in palliative care, highlighting off-label indications or routes, and dealing with the administration of multiple drugs by continuous subcutaneous infusion.

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