FASTtrack: Physical Pharmacy

FASTtrack: Physical Pharmacy

By: David Attwood, Alexander T. Florence

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Publication Details

Edition: 3rd

Details: Paperback, 232 pages.

Publication date: 20/05/2020

Publisher: Pharmaceutical Press

ISBN: 9780857113900

Publication Status: Forthcoming

Publication Description


1. Solids

2. Solid dosage forms

3. Solubility and solution properties of drugs

4. Drug stability

5. Surfactants

6. Emulsions, suspensions and other dispersed systems

7. Polymers

8. Drug absorption and delivery

9. Paediatric and geriatric medicines

10. Physicochemical drug interactions and incompatibilities

11. Adverse events – the role of formulations and delivery systems

12. Peptides, proteins and monoclonal antibodies

13. Pharmaceutical nanotechnology

14. In vitro assessment of dosage forms

15. Generic medicines and biosimilars

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